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Earth's Flame™ retrofit for wood-burning fireplaces reduces emissions up to 72%
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Earth's Flame™ retrofit for wood-burning fireplaces reduces emissions up to 72%
     Earth’s Flame@, a simple retrofit fire grate solution for most existing wood-burning fireplaces, allows homeowners to once again enjoy their fireplace. The product is ‘Green’ because it improves ambient air quality and reduces the health risks associated with harmful emissions, according to Canterbury Enterprises located in Corona, California.
The hybrid retrofit grate reduces emissions 33% below the Phase 2 Emissions Level of the EPA's Voluntary Wood-Burning Fireplace Program as tested in a typical 36" zero clearance fireplace. Pollutants from wood burning fireplaces will be reduced up to 72% by using the Earth’s Flame Grate/Log Lighter System.
     The device recently took top honors at the 2010 Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Expo’s 10th Annual Vesta Awards which recognize and honor companies and specific products for innovation in design and/or technology. 
     Earth’s Flame™ was developed by Canterbury Enterprises and engineer Steve Marple of Project Services International of Bayfield, Colorado to reduce fireplace emissions and preserve the tradition of wood-burning home fireplaces. Earth’s Flame™ grate will help reduce the 50,000 to 70,000 tons of particulates per year created by wood-burning fireplaces, decrease health risks of individuals from smoke inhalation, and save the government millions of dollars in related health care costs, according to the company.  “My dad, Joe Leighton, had a vision and a love of wood-burning fireplaces. Joe changed the industry by inventing the Blue Flame™ Log Lighter to ignite wood in fireplaces.  Now we have gone a step further and made wood-burning fireplaces Green!”
     The new hybrid retrofit for wood-burning fireplaces features a gas-enhanced combustion system combined with an emission-reducing grate. Earth’s Flame™ (patent pending) can be retrofit into almost any fireplace, and requires no maintenance. Its 304 Stainless Steel construction ensures the reduction of pollutant emissions with the same efficiency over the entire lifespan of Earth’s Flame™. 
The unique design addresses the three “T’s” of good combustion: Time, Temperature and Turbulence. Earth’s Flame™ starts with a Blue Flame™ Log Lighter underneath the fire grate that creates a rapid and sustained ignition of the wood diminishing the initial smoke when a fire is lit. The refractory plate above the fire keeps combustion gases in the fireplace longer for more complete combustion.  The refractory plate also prevents gases and particles from going straight up the chimney and it creates turbulence. The resulting fire has reduced harmful emissions. 
     For more information call 888/ 201-8805 or visit:
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